The  work takes its inspiration from the plunging breaker, a wave whose size has reached a critical level and is in the process of rapid transformation. The work invites active participation by the audience in the shape of a journey through the tunnel created by the collapsing wave. Visitors will enter the wave at its Anthropocene end and emerge at the earth’s beginning. The journey thus undertaken can be viewed from manifold perspectives. A journey through time, from today, past ‘Dippy’s’ Jurassic and onto the Big Bang. The wave itself is significant on multiple levels; water as the origin of life on earth and a continued necessity for its sustenance but also as a potentially threatening and uncontrollable force when unleashed in the form of climate change related hurricanes and tsunamis. Water also allows for meaningful connection with the cathedral, through the exploration of the centrality of water to Christianity (particularly the importance of it in Genesis 1:2 and 1:20-22). In focussing on water as the ultimate well-spring of life a convergence between the seemingly diametrical opposites between science[1] and faith can also be aimed at. The work is therefore at the same time a journey through the evolutionary past (and a very visual representation of the vastness of time separating us from ‘Dippy’s era), an exploration of the differences and considerable connections that exist between modern science and modern faith and an admonition to heed the warnings of nature.

My place in the world and the responsibility I have to future generations ( not least my 4 children)  is hugely important to me, so the complete piece will be recycled,  all of the thousands of stainless steel fish can be purchased on this website thus a unique opportunity to own a piece of the sculpture with a proportion of the proceeds donated to Norwich Cathedral's charities.

 The steel that forms the Wave structure will be recycled to create our unique bird feeder trees :

I am borrowing sandbags from Tufts of Bradenham and lighting from another generous local business and so I hope to leave nothing but my footprints at the end. 

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[1] I am particularly fascinated by the science concerning the origins of much of the water on earth and its potential extra-planetary sources as well as the juxtaposition between a wave’s inherent instability and the ineradicable traces it nevertheless leaves behind.

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