Wave with fish sculpture

Norwich Cathedral 13th July-30th October 2021

Our Collection

Mark Reed's 'Wave with Fish' sculpture at the Natural History Museum's Dippy on Tour exhibition at Norwich Cathedral is a monumental wave of fish, unique and iridescent. The work invites visitors to think about the central themes inherent in both the 'Dippy' exhibition and the venue in which it is held. Water as the ultimate origin of life is a theme explored by both modern science and by Christianity. The work is a meditation of life on earth, from its origins in the very distant past to Dippy's time and our own day, and a reminder of the total dependence all life on this planet has on the generative powers of water. At the same time, the wave symbolises the potentially destructive forces that water can unleash, especially when combined with increasingly threatening man-made chaos.    

The entire installation will be recycled, with the thousands of fish for sale in our collection with proceeds to Norwich Cathedral Exhibition charities. The steel that forms the Wave structure will be recycled to create our unique birdfeedertrees  (www.birdfeedertree.com) in the future. We have also borrowed lighting and sandbags from generous local businesses, so Mark hopes to "leave nothing but my footprints"

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Check out these amazing videos on https://dippy.cathedral.org.uk/wave-sculpture/