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The shiny grazing fish design in colourful stainless steel has a mirror finish centre with beautiful colours pinks, golds, coppers, blues and purples on the fins and tail.  

The patination colours can vary from yellows and golds through to pinks, blues and purples and as a handmade technique, the hues can vary from those illustrated. The colours reflect the light bringing the sunshine in marine grade stainless steel, Mark Reed's fish designs are great to hang outside or as a bathroom decoration and the colours are UV stable. They have a small hole perfect for hanging on the upper fin.  A perfect gift for a keen diver or angler.

 A percentage of all proceeds are donated to Norwich Cathedral Charities where Mark Reed's Your Waves go Over Me sculpture is being exhibited as part of the Dippy on Tour exhibition from the Natural History Museum. 

Shiny Grazing Fish